2019 Red Bluff Fundraising

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No matter where you live in Mississippi your local fire department is important to you. In the rural parts of our state many of these fire departments are manned by your neighbors who serve as your local fire department. These men and women are public servants in the truest form.

These men and woman cannot always go to Jackson to the fire academy and receive the training they need and deserve. With that in mind Lawrence County Volunteer Fire Departments, in conjunction with the Town of Monticello, has established the Lawrence County Training Center. This is a place where not only volunteer fire fighters from Monticello will be able to train, but also firefighters throughout Lawrence, Copiah, Jefferson Davis, Lincoln, Pike, Simpson, and Walthall counties will be able to train under certified fire instructors. In Lawrence County alone there are 13 fire stations and 169 volunteer fire fighters.

This invaluable training will not only help to keep these brave men and women safe, it will also help them to be better prepared to respond to any types of emergencies they may face.

Another benefit of this training is that it will help these local departments throughout Southwest Mississippi lower their classifications with the Mississippi Fire rating bureau which in turn helps to lower the cost of your Homeowners insurance in their areas.

When you donate or ride you are helping the brave men and women who make up the fire services in Southwest Mississippi.

2019 Red Bluff Fundraising
Goal: $2,000