Frequently asked questions

What are the Red Bluff road conditions?

The roads are classic deep south from smooth to very rough; from narrow with no center line to highways with rattle traps. Be careful. The Gran Fondo course includes River Road and St. Stephens Road, some of the oldest roads from the Mississippi Territory days. Both roads were constructed between 1812 and 1816. See links of the Home page for details on the two roads.

Will there be gravel sections?

This is not a Gravel Event, not this year and not by design. Be careful, there may be gravel and sand in the corners and locations under construction.

Where is the Red Bluff Start/Finish and parking?

The Start/Finish is located on Broad Street in front of the Lawrence County Courthouse. Designated Parking is behind the Courthouse next to the Pearl River. All parking in Monticello is free.

Will there be Corner Marshals and Neutral Support?

Lawrence County Fire and EMT will provide Corner Marshals. The Bike Crossing will provide a rolling Neutral Support vehicle. Skin Sake will provide a Broom Wagon vehicle.

What should I do if I need help out on the course?

Please notify a Corner Marshal, Motorcycle Official, Neutral Support or dial 911. Please see the Safety Information on the Home page.

What is the Red Bluff Gran Fondo & Metric Century Start Time?

Saturday March 9th at 9:00am. See the Schedule of Events or Home Pages.

Are there Red Bluff Gran Fondo and Metric Century course cut off times?

Yes, Red Bluff has cut off times for the Gran Fondo and Metric Century due to Sunset of 6:04PM. Please see Schedule of Events Page.

Where are the Rest Stops?

Please see the Rest Stops tab on the Home Page.

When and Where is the sign-in, bib number, and packet pick-up?

Please see the Schedule of Events tab on the Home Page.

Can I register the morning of Red Bluff on March 9th?

Yes, please see Registration on the Home Page.

Where can I sign-up for the FREE USA Cycling Basic Membership?

From the Home Page, click the USA Cycling Logo and use the RedBluffBASIC code to sign-up.

How can I sign-up to volunteer for Red Bluff?

Please visit the Volunteer tab on the Home Page. Great question, thank you!

Are Facilities available to shower after Red Bluff?

The Atwood Park has public showers. Atwood is located approximately 1.5 miles east on Broad Street from the Courthouse. See the RideGPS Maps.

Will I be able to view the Red Bluff Scenic Overlook?

You will have the option to take a short detour from the Gran Fondo and Metric Century Courses to see the Red Bluff Scenic Overlook. See the RideGPS Maps.

How accurate are the distances and vertical climbing totals for each course?

The organizers have used their best efforts to be accurate and the estimates are based on the RidewithGPS software.

2019 Red Bluff Fundraising
Goal: $2,000